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DragonBallZ Kakarot Game Review

The best DragonBall game till now?​

There have been many Dragon Ball games in the past with mostly being straight-up action games in which stories were sidelined but with Dragonball Z Kakarot game, the developers for once gave more importance to the story ( perhaps more than what was needed).

It’s a lovely recreation of the DragonBall Z series with fans all over the world. DBZ ranks among the best animes ever. In this open-world RPG in which you play some of the memorable moments from the series. Although its name based on Goku you get to play with many characters from the series. All this talk makes you just start playing the game asap right? Hold on, there’s more to it. What ruins Dragonball Z Kakarot is the in-game mechanics that we’ll talk about below.

Read on to know more or hop on to the conclusion if you are Joey (Friends fans will know).  




This game will take you back in time with its main Dragon Ball Z series storyline. It will take you a long time to complete this game (approx. 40 hours) but if you have been a fan of DBZ like me you’d complete it with full enthusiasm as I did even with its problems. 

Its story was the sole reason I completed this game or else it would have been a hard pass from my side. You get to relive all the iconic moments of DBZ series including the very first Super Saiyan transformation, the father-son kamehameha (Gohan against Cell), Vegeta’s sacrifice etc.

You’ll surely love the story even if you haven’t watched the DragonballZ series.


Dragonball z kakarot goku piccolo

I loved the fact that I was able to control my favourite characters from the series. Being able to control Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo felt amazing and added a nice touch to the game. I could only find a few positive things which included the chemistry between the characters. 

Bosses are also very well depicted in the game. The only drawback was their very stiff interaction. Also, repeated dialogues were irritating at times. 

Community System


This was quite an interesting feature that I liked in this game. Different communities give different boosts. You increase the community level to boost the community rank. 

Adding Soul Emblem on the board will increase the community level which in turn will increase the rank. This feature in-game wasn’t utilized to its potential and was left as an ordinary feature inside the game.


Puzzling Control


The fighting/combats are great in this game but they only look good on-screen and to perform them you’ll have to learn a whole lot of button combinations. I’ll give this to the developers that they didn’t make this a button mash fighting game as you’ll have to keep upgrading your fighting style in-game to keep up with the bosses. 

Button system could have been managed better but instead, we got this bemusing control system which you’ll have to deal with for over 30 hours, which isn’t a pleasant ride.

Side Quest


Side quests were such as an underwhelming aspect of this game as you would not feel enjoyment or get any major boosts in your abilities for completing them. There are many sides within the open world but they seemed unnecessary to me as nothing would have changed if they were not there. 

In games like Witcher 3, side-quest was such an important part as most of the players got indulged so much in these side quests that they put a hold on the main story. You also feel rewarded for completing those. 

But in DBZ Karakot you don’t get feeling as side quests don’t give better or even significant boost or rewards. You’ll get enough boost while completing the main story that you’ll forget about these side quests.   

Needless Enemies


Apart from the main bosses, other smaller enemies are not a hassle as you can easily beat them or even better you can fly over them. 

You don’t get many orbs(rewards) beating them that you would want to take time to beat them instead you’ll just avoid them.

Technical Problems


Main technical problems can be seen while interacting with the other characters as it is not smooth at all and looks very weird. 

Side quests don’t feature voice acting you’ll be able to enjoy the voices of the main star cast in the main storyline only. 

The ability to fly sounds great but they managed to screw it also as you can’t use to the camera to look where you want to go. Also, Controls do not feel smooth.

Open World

dbz open world_1

I felt the developers didn’t give much attention to the open world as they should have. It felt like a checkbox which they ticked to make the game look more appealing but couldn’t really execute it.

I did not like the animation of the open-world or how it was showcased. I would not have minded if it had not been an open-world game. It felt hollow.  



Overall, I’ll say that it was an okay game with many problems. If you would like to relive the DBZ moments then it is the best way to do it. 

You’ll get to kick ass of all the DBZ villains, go fishing, fly on nimbus etc. The graphics are awesome and 2020 anime game worthy.

I picked up this game for my love for the DBZ series and it felt good too at times but the problems with this game can’t be overlooked. You won’t waste your money buying the DragonBallZ Kakarot Game but we’ll advise to go with DragonBallZ Fighters instead if all you want is the DBZ style fighting experience.


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